Kristin Haugen

A strategic thinker, Kristin enjoys helping businesses to choose the best path to achieve their objectives, often finding smart business solutions to difficult and challenging legal problems. Kristin is a tough litigator who always fights hard to protect her clients, their businesses, and their brands.

Every client relationship is unique. Kristin realizes that her role may extend beyond being an advocate to include being a confidant, a sounding board, and a guide. Clients who confide in Kristin often realize that there is an alternate path, a way to maneuver around an issue, or that the issue they were concerned about is in fact a non-issue. Some clients need an outsider who can offer some perspective and a new way of looking at a situation. Kristin loves sharing her love of the law by educating clients as she guides them. Whether it’s getting a trademark registered or fighting a breach of contract case, Kristin will take the time to be sure that you understand the process, the law, and ultimately the why behind it all.