Intellectual Property Litigation Experience

Kristin Haugen has extensive experience in the intellectual property area, most notably fighting to protect clients’ trademark rights and trade secret processes. Kristin knows that every company is unique and brings with it different needs, challenges and resources.  Kristin does not believe in a one-size-fits-all trademark protection program.  Instead, Kristin pulls from her knowledge and experience with clients of all sizes from the one man operation to a billion dollar company. Kristin has pursued litigation on both sides – helping clients whose trademarks have been infringed, whose brands have been knocked off or whose name has been misused to sell someone else’s products – and defended clients against wrongful claims of trademark infringement.
Working with one of the largest real estate companies in the country, Kristin developed, implemented, and managed the national and international trademark policing and enforcement efforts for the company. Kristin has a proven track record with over 300 successful enforcement matters to date. When the stakes are high, Kristin has risen to the challenge. In one unique case, within seven days after learning of an infringer, Kristin was involved in conducting an appropriate investigation, addressing international service and jurisdiction issues, filing suit, and finalizing a favorable settlement.
Kristin has also successfully worked with sole proprietors and small companies who have been confronted with a challenge to their very essence — their company name. Clients have received cease and desist letters threatening to shut down their businesses. Kristin has successfully resolved these cases with a minimum of expense and no disruption to their business operations.
Kristin’s trademark litigation services include assisting corporate clients with identifying potential infringers, drafting cease and desist letters, defending against cease and desist letters, negotiating settlement terms, commencing and pursuing litigation in federal court, and ensuring all unauthorized use of a client’s trademarks have ceased through monitoring and contempt proceedings. Kristin also handles matters pending before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) including opposition and cancellation proceedings.
Trade secret cases often involve high stakes litigation and special procedures. Kristin has experience working with clients who choose to protect their secret formula or process in this way.